Friday, May 9, 2008

So many wiki choices - how do they compare?

Now that you've thought about what you'd like from your wiki hosting service, you may be anxious to learn what wiki hosting services are available to you. We'll be covering many in this blog. However, if you'd like to jump right in and learn of the various available options now, I suggest that you visit one of my favorite sites: Wikimatrix. From Wikimatrix, you can view detailed information about wiki engines and wiki hosting services. Today, it notes that it has information on 102 different wiki engines and wiki hosting services. Don't worry, you are not required to read all the online descriptions of each wiki engine and wiki hosting service. From Wikimatrix, you can compare selected wikis in a side-by-side table. It also has a forum so that you can talk online with other wiki users. However, one neat feature is the "Wiki Choice Wizard" which helps you find wikis that meet your personal needs. By simply answering a few questions, Wikimatrix will suggest the wikis that may be best for your specific needs. The questionnaire doesn't cover everything that you'll need to consider, but it will definitely introduce key questions and provide some example wikis to review.

Image credit: Wikimatrix