Sunday, February 15, 2009

The wonderful world of widgets

Managing content is a big job for any site owner. At one time, web content was fairly static with basic text and images. However, keeping content fresh, imaginative, interesting, and interactive are key challenges now.

Widgets are neat little blocks of code that can usually be easily embed in a site. Widgets are often known as gadgets, modules, snippets, or plug-ins. Widgets add content to a page that is not static. Some widgets provide information, like clocks, calendar, daily weather, stock market tickers, event countdowns, or someone's Twitter status. Some widgets allow you to easily add photos and slideshows to a page. Some allow wiki members to connect with each other, by signing an online guestbook or chatting online. Some wikis entertain visitors, by showing video or playing music. Others collect data through online polls. I'm starting a new series on this blog - exploring widgets and how they're used on wikis.

Here's a short video from Wetpaint to kick off our investigation of the wonderful world of widgets for our wikis:

As seen on YouTube by wpseattle