Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In honor of the reign of the Wiki Queen

Today marks the end of the reign of the great Wiki Queen. Susan Cline announced today that she is officially relinquishing her Wiki crown and stepping down from the throne. She shut down her EduWikiTorial wiki, which has been a valuable resource for many educators as an introduction to wikis and how wikis can be used in learning. Susan kindly endorsed to her community this Wiki'd Ways blog and the Everything Wiki site as resources for information about wikis. I welcome the EduWikiTorial community here on Wiki'd Ways and at Everything Wiki. Through this blog and the wiki, my goal is to describe the easy ways to build web content and collaborate with your community by using wikis -- a shared common purpose with Susan and her wiki. I also encourage you to visit Wiki'd Places, where I hope you will share with me examples of how you're using wikis in education and learning.

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